Applying Ayurveda – Tools to Advance Authentic Abstinence

In  this  offering,  Patty  offers  assistance  for  assessing  the  quality  and  variety  of  the  wellness  tools  that  you  have  in  your  “toolkit,”  leading  you  through  a  simple  but  illuminating  series  of  exercises  to  help  you  discern  where  and  how  to  augment  the  skills,  tools,  and  practices  that  support  you  in  staying  resourced.

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Yoga + Trauma: A Bridge Toward Inner Liberation

MoonGold Yoga + Trauma

In this video, Patty discusses the causes and impacts of trauma on multiple levels, including physical/somatic, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual, and also explores the ways that yoga – as a holistic and comprehensive system – can support healing and transformation of trauma.

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