Ayurveda and Children’s Health

The intention of this video is to provide some learning around children’s unique way of being from an Ayurvedic Perspective. For me this offering is about supporting our children to have emotional, mental and physical wellbeing through respect and understanding of their unique being. Sadly, children are diagnosed & medicated for chronic conditions more than ever before. While there are many complex reasons for this- (race, poverty, colonization, other adverse childhood events, c-section rates, and more)- Ayurvedic care for children can prevent or soothe certain health concerns. Witnessing our children from a dosha (constitutional) perspective helps us as caregivers/ parents to step into how we relate, how we parent, how we support and nurture the little ones in our life to be confident, secure, and emotionally aware beings. *Note it maybe helpful to have some understanding of Ayurveda before watching this video- so do watch an Intro to Ayurveda on this platform!

- My connection to Ayurveda

- Ayurveda, Pancha Mahabhuta (The 5 Elements), the wisdom of Tri-Dosha Theory- and how this framework can help deepen our relationships and “seeing” of the children in our lives

- Understand a child from the perspective of Ayurvedic Dosha/ constitutional analysis. Learn of characteristics that are common for each primary dosha

- Suggestions for routines/foods/medicines that maybe used to support a child in their uniqueness

- How caregivers/ parents can play a role in their children’s health by restoring the use of natural understandings/ medicines that have been lost or stolen due to racial and colonial violence, industrialization, and the push for big-pharma (the commercial pharmaceutical industry)

**The knowledge that I share in this video is from my clinical practice, formal and self- studies in Ayurveda and from parenting my pitta-kapha 3 year old with my beloved partner, Rian. Gratitude for all my teachers.