BIPOC_New_Moon_Sound Bath

BIPOC* New Moon

Ancestral + Self Love Sound Bath

Friday Oct 16th, 2020

5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST


7pm PST / 10pm EST

(*For Black Indigenous and People of Colour)

In these times when grief, rage, and exhaustion are surging in response to the ongoing injustices in our world, this 90 min session is an offering to honour all that is arising in you, to connect with ancestors, and offer both them and yourself love and nourishment through connecting to our essential nature of vibration and sound. Lets Vibe Up Together.


This session is for Black Indigenous and People of Colour and will centre Black people. If your ancestry, identity, and how you are racialized is not on the BIPOC spectrum we respectfully ask you not to attend to uphold our intention of creating a healing space for people of colour in these intense times.)



-Please have with you:

1) Paper or a Journal

2) Something to write with

3) A Bowl and a jar or glass of water

4) An Object that reminds or connects you to Ancestors, Sprit, the cosmos, or the natural elements


- We encourage you to wear clothing you feel comfortable, relaxed and uplifted in, and, if you have access, to be in a private space where you can engage with the session without others present or distractions


- The session will take place viritually on Zoom. If  you do not have Zoom you will automatically be prompted to download it when joining the session. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to deal with any technical issues and settle into your space. The Zoom session will be open 15 minutes before we begin and we will close entry 10 minutes into the session to respect those in the session and ceremony.


- Please keep your microphone on mute. During the Sound Healing offering this is very important so other participants do not hear you or feedback of the sound. During discussion we will ask folks to unmute one by one as needed.