Applying Ayurveda – Tools to Advance Authentic Abstinence

In  this  offering,  Patty  offers  assistance  for  assessing  the  quality  and  variety  of  the  wellness  tools  that  you  have  in  your  “toolkit,”  leading  you  through  a  simple  but  illuminating  series  of  exercises  to  help  you  discern  where  and  how  to  augment  the  skills,  tools,  and  practices  that  support  you  in  staying  resourced.

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Ayurveda and Children’s Health

The intention of this video is to provide some learning around children’s unique way of being from an Ayurvedic Perspective. For me this offering is about supporting our children to have emotional, mental and physical wellbeing through respect and understanding of their unique being. Sadly, children are diagnosed & medicated for chronic conditions more than…

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Flower and Touch

Self-nurture practices are so vital to both individual and community health. As we live in a world that so often demands for our attention to be directed outwards rather than within— and to care for and about others more than ourselves (as women, as BIPOC, and other marginalized people)… the simple but profound act of…

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Natural Care for Childhood Fevers

As caregivers and parents- we are often partially or mis-educated by medical doctors to use fever-reducing medications every time our infants and children have fevers. Because fevers are an important part of a human’s immune response- it’s often safer to use natural methods to care for an infant/ child, rather than using pharmaceuticals that only…

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Nervous System Reset: 3 Yogic Practices to Build Resiliency

MoonGold Nervous System Reset

This video, half theory and half practical, shares an introduction to how Ayurvedic and Yogic Sciences understand trauma and stress, and 3 yogic techniques that build the foundation to reset the nervous system, and cultivate inner spaciousness, tools, and resiliency for when activation, triggers, and deregulating stimulus may arise again.

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40-Day Post-Birth Sanctuary: Ayurveda’s Nourishing Post-Natal Care

MoonGold 40 Day Post Birth

Nurture the Nurturer. Parent the Parent. Cultures and traditional medicine systems around the world emphasize the deeply important 40-days after birthing as a portal of re-birth and nourishment necessary for birthing parents. This video gives Ayurveda’s practical tools to cultivate the sanctuary in this precious time when extra care is needed to support the birthing…

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Baby-Bump Love: Ayurveda Care for Each Trimester in the Pregnancy Journey

MoonGold Baby Bump Love

This video explores Ayurveda practicals and brackground theory for balancing the dosha that governs each trimester and for nourishing pregnancy care from conception to birth (from stabilizing the feotus, understanding cravings, to ways of preparing for a tear-free delivery!) Whether you’re pregnant, supporting someone who is, or just curious, this video gives deep insights into…

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Yoga + Trauma: A Bridge Toward Inner Liberation

MoonGold Yoga + Trauma

In this video, Patty discusses the causes and impacts of trauma on multiple levels, including physical/somatic, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual, and also explores the ways that yoga – as a holistic and comprehensive system – can support healing and transformation of trauma.

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