Applying Ayurveda – Tools to Advance Authentic Abstinence

In  this  offering,  Patty  offers  assistance  for  assessing  the  quality  and  variety  of  the  wellness  tools  that  you  have  in  your  “toolkit,”  leading  you  through  a  simple  but  illuminating  series  of  exercises  to  help  you  discern  where  and  how  to  augment  the  skills,  tools,  and  practices  that  support  you  in  staying  resourced.

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Ancient Breathwork for Modern Times

Ancient Breathwork Modern Times

Explore 3 major breathing techniques known as pranayama in Yogic traditions, and how they help nourish the nervous system, balance being calm but energized, and build more resiliency and capacity in the face of many stressors in our current world.

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OM/AUM Chakra Meditation

Aum Chakra Mediation Cover

OM/AUM meditation connected to the Chakras has been used for centuries. Rather than “performing” yoga and chanting, this powerful beej mantra (seed sound) is a way to go inward to expand inner healing and one’s consciousness as it connects, clears, and revitalizes our chakras/energy centers linked to our physical, emotional, mental, and auric bodies.

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Warrior-Triangle Series Yoga Asana

MoonGold Warrior Triangle Series

(Intensity Level: Medium Vigour, Warming Practice) Strength comes in many forms, not just physical. The strength of being a warrior in many teachings is to be a compassionate heart, for the self so it can extend out to others. Triangles are considered one of the strongest sacred shapes in many traditions, able to bear weight…

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Moon Salutation/Chandra Namaskar Yoga Asana

MoonGold Moon Salutation/Chandra Namaskar

(Intensity Level: Slow to Medium Vigour, Rejuvenating, Cooling + Warming Practice) This deeply rejuvenating practice connects us to the moon essence in us, opening up our creativity, intuition, emotional intelligence, and strong cosmic feminine energy (regardless of our gender we all have this energy in us! And since its an energy that our modern society…

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Sun Salutation/Surya Namaskar Yoga Asana

MoonGold Sun Salutation/Surya Namaskar

(Intensity Level: Medium to High Vigour, Heating/Warming Practice) We greet the sun, honour and invite its ever luminous revitalizing energy, building our metabolic fire and ability to digest and transform everything from our food to our subtlest energies. Many teachings share that our true nature is like the luminous sun- under the clouds and through…

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Nervous System Reset: 3 Yogic Practices to Build Resiliency

MoonGold Nervous System Reset

This video, half theory and half practical, shares an introduction to how Ayurvedic and Yogic Sciences understand trauma and stress, and 3 yogic techniques that build the foundation to reset the nervous system, and cultivate inner spaciousness, tools, and resiliency for when activation, triggers, and deregulating stimulus may arise again.

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