Flower and Touch

Self-nurture practices are so vital to both individual and community health. As we live in a world that so often demands for our attention to be directed outwards rather than within— and to care for and about others more than ourselves (as women, as BIPOC, and other marginalized people)… the simple but profound act of skin-care can be a beautiful bridge into connecting with our-selves, tuning into felt sensation, and re-claiming acts of self-pleasure:

- Hear about my personal experience with dry, eczema and infection prone skin
- How hyper-responsive skin may give insight to underlying emotions to contemplate
- How skin-care & self-touch can a helpful & supportive medicine that relaxes the nervous system, builds inner resilience, and helps to reclaim self-pleasures
- Learn about medicinal flowers, plants and oils for skin applicatio- Learn to make flower/herb oil infusions to protect and nourish you and your skin (both energetically and physically)
- Use small amounts of spices and foods to make natural body/ face/ skin masks

**The knowledge that I share in this video is from my personal experience around skin health, clinical practice, formal and self- studies in Ayurveda and naturopathic training. Grateful for all my teachers.