Love Notes to Everyone eBook

Love Notes to Everyone is an interactive, “neo-ancient”, and psycho-spiritual approach to working deeply with internal and collective healing connected to issues of equity, race/racism, working with trauma, compassion, and community transformation. It is a unique integration of ancient Buddhist and universal Earth-based wisdom that also offers a precise and clarifying approach to some of the most complex societal structures that challenge the lives of our contemporary world. It is designed for deep individual healing work that allows the practitioner to carry a more expansive way of being into their relationships and communities.

This book is for spiritual journeyers, health and wellness practitioners, Buddhists, non-Buddhists, educators, dharma teachers, social justice workers, non-profit employees, and anyone who is ready to engage more deeply and integrate a more “whole” way of being and relating to one’s self, others, the Earth, and beyond. There is always more space for us all to go deeper. This book is a support for that journey.