Natural Care for Childhood Fevers

As caregivers and parents- we are often partially or mis-educated by medical doctors to use fever-reducing medications every time our infants and children have fevers. Because fevers are an important part of a human’s immune response- it’s often safer to use natural methods to care for an infant/ child, rather than using pharmaceuticals that only repress the fever. In this video learn to build or add to a collection of safe, natural medicines for your children’s fevers & learn when it maybe helpful to seek medical care.

- Learn about what a fever is & its indications
- Learn why its helpful to welcome your little one’s fever as an ally friend to their immune system
- Learn how to accurately take your child’s temperature
- Understand the cautions that should be taking with over the counter fever medications
- Treat fevers naturally when possible (for parents/caregivers) to support their natural immune defense. Learn about strategies, herbs, spices, poultices, and baths that can be helpful for reducing fever and enhancing immunity
- Learn what necessitates medical care and for which age group