Radical Deep Love Course


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Radical Deep Love Self-Paced Course was designed and developed between 2013 and 2018 built upon over a decade of research, study and practice by MeLisa/Jet Moore and nisha ahuja, co-founders and co-directors of Soma Integrative Wellness.


In the years since, with the  waves of growth, interest, and crucial need towards racial justice, we have added more content to meet the ongoing needs for transforming Racial Trauma towards Racial Healing and Emobidied Racial Equity. We are here with you committed to cultivating a more loving, a radically deeply loving, world.


What is it?

The process and practice deepens understanding, expands consciousness, is a self-assessment tool, and builds the ground for transforming and dismantling racism from the inside-out.


It is our framework and process for connecting deeply with a heart-mind, body, and spirit centred/centered approach to  Racial Justice, and what we call Racial Healing and Embodied Racial Equity. It takes the journeyer and practitioner through the process of opening space for acknowledgement, deeper awareness, and building individual consciousness around issues of race and structures of racism.


Going through the process allows people to deep dive into what their current internal landscape is in a more held, intentional, and expanded way. The process and framework were created to also allow and make space for complex emotions, feelings, ideas, habits of minds, habitual patterns that are often left in the subconscious. We call this working with the “Shadow of Racism” and “illumination” work.  


In deep personal practice, development, research, and informal study, we found that these important aspects also help build the ground for a much needed practice of learning and developing self-compassion, along with a deeper understanding of why and how we may hold the feelings, ideas, habits of mind, and actions that we do, related to race, racism, anti-black racism, internalized racism, white supremacy/superiority, implicit bias and other structures of racism.


This vastly important process and practice of self-compassion makes lots of space for more relational and community compassion, which is a deeply important aspect of our individual healing journeys. Developing self-compassion, holds the ground for more relational compassion. This transforms communities in a very practical and authentic way.


The Call + Why

Radical Deep Love was called through and after healing through a great deal of concentrated personal trauma/PTSD related to 3-year span of targeted race-related relational and community isolation, exclusion, anti-black racism, and bullying. The call also came from witnessing and experiencing over many years the cyclical, multi-generational trauma and traumatic impacts of the vast structural race-based economic, societal, and relational disparities so prevalent in many communities around the world (specifically my experiential and embodied experiences growing up and living in the US for 40 years and then, in northern Turtle Island for 6 years after becoming a resident in Canada and experiencing and witnessing the same thing, in different and similar forms). Radical Deep Love was born out of 20+ years of observing, witnessing, hearing, and experiencing the cyclical pain, harm, and lateral violence that was (and still is) pandemic in various social justice communities, non-profits, NGO, social enterprise structures, community development spaces, friendships, familyships, and spiritual spaces. The call was powerful, spirit-led, community-wellness filled futures inspired, and motivated by a passion for passing on more authentically healed communities to future generations as it relates to race (and beyond).

Radical Deep Love moved into existence in Fall of 2016, because we saw an urgent need for more sustainable, holistic, and transpersonal  approaches to the work that authentically combines psychological with the spiritual from people who have been in a deep and long-term practice of engaging with both of these aspects of our human experience. We predicted that there would be a great need for this type of approach in the coming years and knew that there were more spirit-centred/centered ways to approach this work that made space for deeper truth + reconciliation, and repair.  Work that was also built on the roots of deeper self-compassion and self-love, rather then motivated by shame, blame, and guilt. It was designed with the understanding that learning and developing the practice of self-compassion, allows us to make room for seeing how we might cause harm to others (intentionally and unintentionally) connected to race and racism and that we all need supports for understanding how.

This allows more space for authentic relational compassion to be accessed, integrated, and embodied over time (and in the moment). As a result, our journeys and relating around race and the structures of racism, become motivated by the desire to expand in love, authentic community care, healthy community building and greatly decrease and eventually eliminate the need for the destructive pains of shame/shaming, blame/blaming, guilt cultivation/production, fragility, defense, and constriction that so often gets experienced and perpetuated in racial justice/anti-racism work (which has had its place and time of importance). Radical Deep Love is rooted in connected with, developing, and integrating racial equity, “racial healing”, AND authentic accountability and reconciliation, which leads to authentic unity (and not “bypassing unity” or disingenuous unity).


The Process

Radical Deep Love Course is one part of a larger process and practice that we have developed.

  • It focuses and supports a long-term transformative and healing process
  • It is adaptable to your personal needs, goals, and lifestyle
  • The videos are supports and guides for strong emotions, habits of mind, and somatic experiences that will likely unfold during your process and practice development
  • It is shared as a process and a framework for developing a personal practice
  • The process and practice deepens understanding, expands consciousness, is an assessment tool, and builds the ground for transforming and dismantling racism from the inside-out