Radical Deep Love Course


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Introduction: Cultivating the Ground
(Part I + II)

The content in this video is part of the first phase of Radical Deep Love process and framework. Our "Cultivating the Ground" video, is an introduction to the designer and facilitators of this process and framework. Deeper connection to who is holding space through this process, our racial background, ancestral, and spiritual framing from which we developed and share. It is also sacred space cultivating practice as we enter this process and journey together.


If you are finding yourself hesitant or internally resistant to diving into the process, jump to session 8 + 9 AND/OR check out our Self-Compassion for Racial 
Healing video here and then return back to the process. Use this video or the other supports in the Moongold Video Library (that you can access from your membership home page when you log in) to support your journey here through Radical Deep Love!