Radical Deep Love Course


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Session 11: Attunement, Embodiment, + Integration (Part II)

This video is the Part II of the final phase in the Radical Deep Love process and framework. With the understanding that Racial Healing + Racial Equity inner work is an on-going life journey (as long as racism and these structures exist), we introduce a "final" internal psycho-spiritual space to move toward as we heal with and through the Trauma of Racism journey. This video introduces and expands on the 3 aspects of this final phase, along with practices and tools to support you in this phase and beyond.


Wondering why we're talking Chakras in the same program as Racial Healing + Embodied Racial Equity?

The structure we use here of the chakra system is rooted in many South Asian and Kemetic Yogic Traditions, and is directly connected to our ancestral and spiritual wisdom traditions.

These ancient and ancestral sciences understand chakras or energy centers as whirlpools of energy that correlate the with physical aspects of our endocrine system and vital organs and our psycho-emotional / psycho-spiritual aspects of our heart-mind axis. All of these aspects of self are impacted by racial trauma and systems of oppression and hierarchy. The contemplations in this video related to the chakras, are entry points of moving from racial trauma to deeply integrating Racial Healing and Embodied Racial Equity on the multiplicity of these levels.

Lastly, in our colonized world,  knowledge systems and sciences outside of a Euro-centric framework are often discredited, undervalued, supressed and/or appropriated and diluted. So, just by engaging in this unlearning/learning journey through this framework, you are countering that social conditioning of racial/cultural hierarchies. We are inviting you to re-think ways of learning and knowledge systems you may be resistant to as a result of racial trauma and racial hierarchies. Examining the hesitancy and moving through it, is itself a powerful process of transformation and integration of Embodied Racial Healing and Equity.