Radical Deep Love Course


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Session 2: Excavating the Internal Landscape

This video is part of the first phase of our Radical Deep Love process and framework. Offering Racial Healing related Mind-Body practices and frameworks in order to go deeper with the work. We do a deeper dive into the heart-space (rather then only an intellectual one) of self. In this video, we work with deepening, awakening consciousness, and intuitive understanding of the INTERNAL landscape and impact of these race-related structures and meanings. Race, racism, white supremacy/superiority, white privilege, anti-black racism, internalized racism, colonization, and implicit bias. Going beyond conventional "definitions" to access deeper psycho-spiritual understanding + healing.


Practice Notes:

The practice(s) shared in this video are an ongoing practice(s). This does do not have to be done in one sitting, and is an ongoing practice. Commit some time to this practice before going forward in the session, and also know it is okay to continue forward with the other videos and continually come back to this practice as you move through the course.


Create space to feel into what contemplating these words and structures feel like in your body (or what you can't feel). If it feels overwhelming or numbing, take a break and come back to this, take your time, and visit some other free resources we have such as our free Moongold video library (that you can find on your dash board) or this self-compassion for racial healing video.