Radical Deep Love Course


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Session 3: Working With Shame, Blame, Guilt, + Fragility (Part I)

The content in this video is part of the second phase of Radical Deep Love process and framework. In this two-part video, we combine and expand on conventional definitions of the habits of mind of shame, blame, guilt, and fragility as it relates to Racial Equity and Racial Healing. We introduce and talk about the "shadow of racism". We hold space through deep contemplative process, invite a more expanded understanding and opportunity to de-layer these strong emotions and responses that develop with deeper Racial Equity and healing work. It is a support for moving through the heart-mind/mind-heart maps. Future videos of our Radical Deep Love process will shared that address and practice transforming each of these on their own.



 Journaling/movement/expressive forms as you watch or after you watch Session 3

1. Where do you feel these emotions show up in your body?

2. Can you feel it energetically? If so, what does that feel/look like?

3. Can you imagine what those feelings look like if they were given an symbol, image, entity, energy, or persona?

4. Draw this and use the body map(s) if you can locate it in/on your body