Radical Deep Love Course


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Session 5: Making Space for Rage + Anger (Part I)

The content in this video is part of the second phase of Radical Deep Love process and framework. In this two-part video (Part I), MeLisa supports you into the space and practice of acknowledging and more deeply understanding rage and anger connected to the traumas of race, racism, anti-black racism,internalized racism, and white supremacy/superiority. We will share more videos with specific deeper contemplations connected to the powerful emotions of rage and anger connected to our embodied experiences of these structures.


Our nervous systems flight and fight responses are NOT responses from our parasympathetic nervous system but rather our sympathetic nervous system, which helps us respond to stress, stressful situations, and threats to our safety or lives.


As noted in the session these are natural and healthy response to stressors and threats.

We may even be in fear of the rage that we have/may have, and what we are capable of doing with that rage. We may hold a fear of how the rage will be perceived so further suppress it.

Working with and expressing strong emotions skillfully is part of this journey, so that we express and release that energy and it does not compound in our nervous systems, bodies, hearts hurting ourselves or others.