Revolutionary NADA Acupuncture

NADA stands for National Acupuncture Detoxification Association and is a 5 point Ear Acupuncture protocol used worldwide to support people dealing with addiction, PTSD, stress and more.

Rooted in Black & Puerto Rican revolutionary thought and common practice of Acupuncture within East Asian community this treatment is by the people for the people.  This practice is so effective that it has impacted addiction treatment throughout Allopathic (western) medicine and expanded the use of Acupuncture across Turtle Island.  Yet not nearly enough of us know the truly radical roots of this innovative Acupuncture technique.

In this video you will learn more of the truth about how this 5 point Ear Acupuncture protocol came to be, when it is used, why you might try it yourself and how you can press these points at home.


Mutulu Shakur’s website
Hear from Dr. Mutulu Shakur directly and know his story as told by him.

Further History on Lincoln Detox from the acudetox website (NADA official website). Lamia includes this here in part because it captures more of the story than they shared in this video, but also to highlight the painful Anti-Black racism and minimizing of the important role that Black and Puerto Rican people played in the development of this protocol.  Honestly, they even spell Mutulu’s name wrong. This erasure of Black lives, the lives of People of colour and the brilliance that comes through revolutionary people and communities stops here.

NADA ear acupuncture picture
This is a solid website for TCM theory and will give you a clear image of the NADA protocol.