Self-Compassion Practice for Racial Healing

This practice is for developing greater embodied felt sense, connection, and understanding of what true self-compassion is. It is rooted in Tibetan Buddhist teachings of Tonglen and Metta (practice of sending and receiving AND Loving-Kindness practice). Additionally other prompts and visualizations are given to the practice in order to address a variety of challenges and support the practitioner with cultivating and moving toward deeper Self-Compassion. Although MeLisa has been engaging with this practice for many years, it was her own journey through more expansive race consciousness and her Racial Healing process, where she developed the extensions of this practice to support healing the trauma connected to racism, anti-black racism, and internalized racism. With the Racial Healing/Equity work that she has developed and is developing, it became clear that the power of this practice was one that could serve and support others too. She includes it with the framing of working with and through the traumas/harmful impacts of the structures of racism. It is also meant to be used as a general practice of Self-Compassion as well.